Fandangos Story Starter

This week’s Story Starter teaser is: As our eyes met across the busy café tables, I was struck with the feeling that…

started at my chest and rose to a bright red on my forehead. Anger of the worst kind…revenge…was exploding in my thoughts. That little weasel, thinking he can come here! He knows I come here every morning and he has the audacity to do the same?

I rose up quickly, knocking my chair to the floor, and purposely strode over to the poor excuse for a man and slapped him, hard. “Take that, you coward!”

The NYC crowd was the usual group who never flinched at much that happened anymore, and went back to their conversations. Joe was not even embarrassed, remembering how he called her a slut after their night together. He had made it a daily water cooler exchange at the office.


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