Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Encore

From CNN

Another shooting, another horror

Seen and read with apathy

A simple encore of yesterday’s news report

“It won’t come near me, I’m adamant, won’t be intimidated, I live in a good neighborhood…

And then shots rang out again.


Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Encore – July 5, 2022

11 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Encore

  1. Only one, the one with the most carnage, of the many mass shootings in major cities on the 4th. While it is easy to say that mental health played a part in this one, that excuse does not work in the others.
    Again, ‘thoughts and prayers’ by the pols who won’t address the real problem…Guns and their availability!

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  2. Is there a message here in that this fuckwit dressed himself as a woman in order to avoid detection? Is not even the murderer himself making the observation that no woman would be suspected of doing something so horrifically idiotic. Is not the shooter telling us all that testosterone, like other chemicals, is a dangerous drug when misused?
    Anyway …. now that we’ve decided that the way to protect school children is to ensure that all school teachers are heavily armed trained killers, the next thing should be to station snipers (good guys with guns) atop every second tall building to pick off the other snipers (bad guys with guns/crossdressers with guns) on the other buildings.
    On the other hand we could start educating kids that there’s nothing tough and manly about violence, that there’s no honour in war, that Hollywood heroes with guns are just another form of pornography fucking around with your brain chemistry or ……
    …… or maybe we men should just hand the keys over to women and confess that there’s just too many people with our brand of genitalia that just can’t be trusted and that, sadly, a lot of those allegedly running things are no exception.

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