Cody, Wyoming


My granddaughter is in a bus going to Cody Wyoming for a marching band performance. It is a 393 mile trip so you can see this is an example of why a non gas powered car is out of the question in (these parts) – a term used by us meaning there’s a whole lot of nothing between me and you😂 And why the rest of us are reluctantly staying home. These school trips are fun and rewarding for the kids and I’m glad she is traveling in good weather.


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  1. America is a big place, but would most people consider 393 miles (630km for us) a big trip? I think most Australians would see this as biggish, but not unusual. It wouldn’t be unusual for Mrs Richmond and I to travel 300km + round trip for lunch. We’re going on holidays south of here in a couple of weeks and it’s about 1800km (1120miles) each way. Not great, I admit, at a time when fuel seems to cost more than beer.

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    1. For a school bus yes but the cost of gas is $4.66 here and even a good vehicle would take a lot and then there’s hotel etc. Australia is much less populated than us and we are the least populated state in our nation🙄


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