Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


detached memory from childhood seems to drift by my vision too fleet of foot

I try grabbing it with my mind but it’s too fast, only seen for a second

more and more I fear this happening, and what can I do to stop it…

why can’t I take hold and keep it forever?




3 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

  1. Detached memory
    A fading love
    A drifting cloud above
    You reach but cannot touch
    With each passing moment
    Losing so much
    Of what was when
    Now and again
    An teasing hint
    A footprint
    In the snow
    Barely seen
    That can only show
    Where you have been
    Not where you are
    A meteor
    A distant star
    Yours no more
    This tune will fade
    Will be remade
    And then replayed
    And reattached
    Within another heart.

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