All I want is a sandwich….

Instead of my own flashback this Friday the 13th😳I present Vinny’s hilarious experience at Subway:

Life is a rusty rollercoaster

A couple of weeks ago I went to a place I vowed never to go back to….My first experience there was horrific… A nightmare that left me emotional scarred for life…I still can’t eat a chicken sandwich without having a flashback…….

Many moons ago we were doing a bit of shopping and my wife said, “Shall we go to Subway? It’s nice.” Now I was hungry, y’know when you could eat a scabby horse (sorry to the vegans out there but I was famished) and I thought, yeah, why not. I’ve seen the adverts. Mouth watering sarnies to chomp on. So I walk up and peruse the menu, which I couldn’t make head nor tail of. Suddenly I’m at the counter and a fairly unhappy face greeted me. “Yes can I help?”the young man asked. Apparently his correct title is a Sandwich Artist. I smiled, one of us had to…

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