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Grief came to me the first time at the age of thirty when I lost my mother. This is still painful to write.


Disbelief as I stood there watching

Doctors working hard to save her, they surely would succeed

I was incredulous, this couldn’t be happening

Bag full of her requests for the hospital now dropped and strewn on the floor

I screamed to God, how can you do this?

She is faithful and kind, obeys your rules…

I’ll do anything if you just let her live.


I’m not over depression of her death even from 46 years ago. However I have accepted it because had she lived she would have been bedridden with her too weak heart and she was a woman who never sat down. She was always busy and moving.



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  1. Oh, Cheryl, your sharing of the experience in your poem is tough to read. I’m sorry she passed on so young, and I’m sorry her heart had become weak.

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