The Sunday Whirl


Sam, the universal pet detective, flew in from the moon on a tip from his buddy Flash who had just returned from one of the worst planets, Earth. To Sam it seemed to take an eternity to get from his home planet Zooth to Earth, a trip he never relished. Earth was just too crowded with humans, but in their defense they did love their pets.

Always ready to embellish his own detecting talents, he took the offered reward. But if Flash hadn’t seen the trail of discarded coke cans that led to the box Icky Inhuman was hiding in, Sam would probably not have checked the planet Earth at all. “Ickys just think they are human”, Sam said, “try to impersonate them, and some do resemble them, but they are still only animals”. The detective considered it another case easily solved, of course failing to mention Flash’s help.


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