A2Z Challenge – Albright


“Madeleine Albright, née Marie Jana Korbel, (born May 15, 1937, Prague, Czechoslovakia [now in the Czech Republic]—died March 23, 2022, Washington, D.C., U.S.), Czech-born American public official who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations(1993–97) and who was the first woman to hold the cabinet post of U.S. secretary of state (1997–2001).”

“As Secretary of State, Albright promoted the expansion of NATO eastward into the former Soviet bloc nations and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons from the former Soviet republics to rogue nations, successfully pressed for military intervention under NATO auspices during the humanitarian crisis in Kosovo in 1999, supported the expansion of free-market democratization and the creation of civil societies in the developing world, favored the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol on Global Climate Change, and furthered the normalization of relations with Vietnam.”




I wanted her to be President but of course she was not born in the USA. Instead we had “upstanding” citizens like Trump who had the honor.🙄😳😵‍💫


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