Throwback Thursday


1. Radio. Our washing machine was a round tub with a ringer attached. Our dryer was a clothesline in the yard. The dishwasher was anyone who’s turn it was. We had one bathroom with a tub and stool, sink, no shower. My grandfather who lived in an attached small apartment to our farmhouse preferred to use his outhouse😂

2. Television

3. A big console radio and when we got a tv it was small rectangular box and all snow in the picture

4. We listened to the radio for music and had an old Victrola in the attic where my sister and I played 78rpm records. Music was provided by my father who played piano, violin and banjo, and my mother who played the organ. The last music I purchased was a cd of the Pentatonix in 2015.

5. No

6. We had a big wooden phone on the kitchen wall. It had a separate cord attached receiver and you had to use a crank on the side to ring the operator. Each household in the party line had a different set of rings, long or short or combination. You picked up the receiver to listen to make sure the line was clear before using, which meant conversations could be heard by anyone who was rude enough to listen in. I do not have a landline now.

7. Toys I remember were rare. The woods, fields, yard, hay barn and brooks were my source of fun. And my favorite, my swing on the big oak tree.

8. I can’t think of any. I suppose my iPhone now is the best I have.

9. My first cellphone was a tiny one from Walmart to keep in case the landline went out. I think it was around 2012 when I bought it.

10. I’m not good with technology. I have a tv and a cellphone, iPad and that’s it. My new apartment came with gorgeous ADA appliances with so many features it’s mind boggling! There’s even a Wi-Fi setting on the washing machine🙄😂


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  1. Live music in your house must have been wonderful. Our phones were installed well after crank phones so we did not have those. We, too, spent the majority of our time outside!

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