Terrible Poetry Contest – Aging


Pulling myself out of the bed

To pee again, something I dread

I’d rather be sleeping instead

Or I could just wet the bed.

Look in the mirror to check what needs shaving

Hoping fingers with razor will be behaving

I don’t want the blade to start engraving

Till blood starts running and raving.

Then there’s dressing, always a treat

Groaning to put socks and shoes on my feet

Stretching on layers smoothed to look neat

Pulling on and tucking in trousers a feat.

Finally finished, its time for a drink

Or breakfast, that’s what most people think

I prefer coffee—makes my eyes start to blink

Then into my recliner I sink.

Morning routines seem to be the way

Doing it over and over each day

Keeps unforeseen accidents at bay

When hair turns relentlessly gray.

Old age comes to us all they say:

“if you’re lucky” or “better than the alternative” way.

Those words spoken cause some dismay

Cause it’s always the young speaking that bray.




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