5 Things Tuesday

(Would no qualify as skills)

1. Shopping in an actual store which now I find I miss the interaction.

2. Shaking hands, greeting strangers.

3. Cooking. I think probably this has increased for most but I don’t cook much for just myself.

4. Ambition. I feel I have been depressed with the pandemic, politics and general hateful attitudes of everyone that has increased the last few years.

5. Staying positive. Going along with the above thoughts, my creativity has also suffered.


3 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday

  1. I completely love NOT having to shop in an actual store! As to shaking hands, I’m wondering if that won’t change universally since so much can be transmitted in that way.
    We also eat at home now way more than before Covid. I do miss going out for dining.
    #4 & #5 – same but I keep pushing. It’s just harder than before.


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