JJJ#16 Saturday Night Saga


This will be a long but true tale: Last night I was happily sitting in my recliner watching the latest Queer Eye episode on Netflix when something scuddled across my living room. A mouse. Now mice may be cute in stories and movies but in my own brand new apartment? No thank you.

It kind of stopped in the middle, turned around, looked at me and then proceeded to take a tour of the whole apartment. It gave me a chill! I called the Management and she just laughed. Apparently that is the usual reaction but I was not amused. She said, “well this was an open construction for a long time so there’s bound to be a few visitors in here.” Huh?

I asked her what they planned on doing to solve the problem and after chuckling a few times more she said, “well we might get an exterminator in on Monday or Tuesday”. OK. Meanwhile I’m sitting there frozen on my recliner picturing him in my bedroom, maybe on top of my bed and how was I going to get rid of him.

Subsequent call to my main guy/ helper/ grandson resulted in him laughing continuously and reminding me of how they can crawl anywhere, get anywhere, and when he wouldn’t stop laughing I finally said, “OK forget it, I’m hanging up now” and did. Boys!

Long story even longer concluded with the creature skedaddling underneath the door that goes to the hallway in the apartment complex. I quickly got anything I could find to barricade that door and went to bed. This morning life returned to normal—as if there is such a thing as normal anymore.

Is it ridiculous not wanting to remove the barricade?😳🙄😂🥴


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  1. Oooo sharyl! I am deathly afraid of mice! I dont blame you barricading the door! I’d have done the same! The management are very lax about it! What if they got in your food? Oh it doesnt bear thinking about! Xxx

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