3TC – Aging Gracefully


“I say Wellesley, have you got presbyopia? It seems you enter the room with the tray at arm’s length!”

“Certainly not madam! I have no disabilities whatsoever!”

“It’s not a disease, Wellesley, it just means your eyesight no longer exists as perfectly as it once did.”

“My eyesight is perfectly fine, madam” as he sat the tray a good distance apart from her table setting.

“You know Wellesley, neither of us is getting any younger and certain youthful amenities slowly expire. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

At her urging, Wellesley donned his fairly new spectacles with a sigh of relief. Madam smiled.


First I would like to thank pensitivity 101 for continually providing the three things challenge. It’s always interesting and fun, lovely photos and no restrictive rules☺️





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