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Trying to find something to watch, trying to rely on tried and true actors from previous entertaining experiences, is a difficult task these days. Even excellent younger actors are in questionable shows that I’ll probably turn off after a few minutes. Now prices are going up and big companies are hoarding services. In addition, Apple and Prime charge extra for many shows. There are many streaming series and movies but most have scenes that are either a little too real or trite and predictable or just moronic. Seeing a list of new offers yesterday, there are tons of animated series🙄

Harsh criticism you say? You are right, I am indeed critical of what I pay to watch on a costly streaming service or movie theater venue. Do I have sympathy for the movie theater industry and out of work actors suffering results of this plague? I do, but that is no excuse for some of the drivel that is available today.

It seems you have a few unsavory choices, formula romance, violent bloody gore, hard core sex, mindless comedy with not one good punch line, or “reality”. Some of this reality is tiring. Some examples are seeing people going to the bathroom, men peeing on everything and women constantly ripping off their clothes, endless alcohol drinking, people vomiting, the f word every other word or weird acting out—I’ll let your imagination fill that in. I know what happens in bathrooms, I don’t need to see it. If I find something I think worthy of watching—IMO—I’ll put it in Monday Media.

My streaming service pages are filled with partially watched offerings, and it seems Netflix is the only one that you can click on to say, get off my screen—you are not worth my time, and time is something I always have too much of.

I’ve watched many different genres and liked them all with the possible exception of gory horror. Give me a Hitchcock mystery that implies, not visualizes a gory murder. Case in point the Freud series. Sounded interesting and then—suffice it to say you shouldn’t be eating if you decide to watch.

I’m probably alone in this, like many of my opinions. That doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is not being able to find something interesting to watch after being subjected to the daily news.

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