Just another day at the Joneses.

Well Charlie, I guess this tops the looking for a mermaid idea. That was the worst vacation we ever took! All that sand, getting into everything and I mean every thing.

I think you’ve finally lost that venerable reputation I always admired. Constantly looking for the latest new invention was interesting for a while, but this takes the cake!

First of all, once you flip the switch it starts vibrating, not at all stable. It’s going to sputter itself right off the windowsill! You should have taken the time to fill out that senior’s choice application to get a discount on a real air conditioner.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a Russian snooping device with hidden cameras and mini microphones–yep. Look at those vents to record our voices and those black lenses! I’ll bet that’s why it was so cheap, and did you see the label? Yup, made in China.

Irma sits back in her rocker, staring at the device, while Charlie just smiles, enjoying the coolness.





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