A2Z 4-3-21

C for cats–unfortunately for me since I’m a dog person. I’ve had cats, lots of them since I lived on a dairy farm and anyone who had unwanted kittens dropped them off in our driveway.

Luckily we had a woodshed with barrels full of old clothing, rags, etc and they would make a home there. Only one cat was allowed inside the house, a tricolored mother cat. My dislike of cats came at an early age when she attacked and ate our pet parakeet.

As an adult our family had three cats, a mother cat similar to the one from my past and two sweet kitties. All animals came from the Dumb Friends League in Denver. They moved to Texas with us and I still miss them and the two dogs we had.



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  1. Cats are easier to care for I think because mostly they leave you alone. They don’t need to be walked. But dogs have much better personalities I’ve come to know.

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