MLMM Tale Weaver – Hansel and Regretel

Her long crooked nose with the decorative wart sniffed and twitched. Something was coming. Her black pooled shiny eyes switched back and forth searching for the fragrant vision and then the smell came closer. Her exaggerated blackened teeth showed through the purple dry cracked spread of her lips as she contemplated her next meal.

Would it be so wrong to play with her food? Just for a bit to study the fright in their tiny faces, enjoy the screams of terror she could produce without even moving her finger? It was her duty as a witch to spread fear, delight in the outcries for mercy, but they were so tiny, should she be lenient this one time?

Of course not, she thought as she tossed her black greasy strings of hair that barely covered her bald head. “Come to me” she beckoned with a long dirty nail. The two children were visibly frozen and moved toward the witch, having lost control of their limbs. “It’s dinner time!”