MLMM Wordle #229

The sunny breach of the grey fog’s grip made walking down the street a stellar experience. I had my favorite cup of Starbucks in one hand and my jacket in the other. I just smiled thinking it was going to be a great day after all, when round the corner a teenager in a bright red dress came running.

She seemed to be fleeing from someone or some thing and bumped straight into me. My coffee, cel phone and her armful of books all went catawampus and we were lucky to only lose our footing.

Apparently a plaintiff of the nearby bookstore thought she had stolen something and was following close behind her waving his fist and making guttural animal noises. As I attempted to help her up, he came at her, grabbing the books that had fallen on the street. He angrily looked them over and not discovering anything that belonged to him, backed up. He sheepishly apologized and went back to his store.

I then started picking up my own things and saw a small book I didn’t recognize. The book had a new price tag attached and was temporarily hidden under my fallen jacket. Immediately I knew this was the book the store owner was looking for and handed it to the girl. She added it to her armful of books and took off running again.

My coffee was spilled, my jacket was stained and the sun went back into the clouds.


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