Bored Ramble

Waking from a long slumber, found 25F degrees, snowing, furnace roaring, coffee being sipped and thinking of what I can make for a meal with chicken breast or put something in my grocery order that will microwave quickly.

My meager appetite doesn’t require much because of lack of exercise, and I only require a late afternoon meal. Or I might just use my grub hub free coupon to order Mexican food but the restaurant I like does not deliver, so probably not. They say free delivery but the driver should receive a lagniappe for his efforts of course.

I have declared a moratorium on baking cookies, cakes, etc because it’s only me here and it is too handy. I crave things but am never really hungry. The lockdown and winter weather has already prevented most exercise so it’s a must, otherwise I could be rolled out the door without the wheelchair.

It’s time to put in the grocery order hoping I get decent potatoes this time instead of the monstrous sweets in last order. The things I can always count on are apples, grapes, tomatoes and cabbage. Other fresh produce is hit and miss. It all depends on the shopper🙄.


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