Time was short and I didn’t want to be late. I gathered my book bag, my cell and my umbrella, just in case, because it was going to be a wonderfully long day with the club. It had been a while since we had gathered for an outing like this and I wanted to be prepared for anything.

Just thinking of visiting the original book store on Baker Street with the vellichor atmosphere surround, caused a smile on my face. The club had managed to secure a private session with the first owner’s grandson to give us a tour.

We were all looking forward to it except one odd member we knew would not attend. She preferred pristine hardback copies of our club choices, straight off the press and would repudiate any volumes in this store. Most of us bibliophiles loved the musty smells of leather bindings and parchment of ancient first editions, but never Michelle. She thought them laden with germs, however she did love to read and was welcomed in our club.


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  1. Lovely little piece! I can definitely relate to that feel and smell of small book shops, although I don’t personally care for them. I’m like Michelle in that respect.

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