SoCS – Above/Below

You might want to skip this post unless you are a woman over, uh, 60?😳🤫🙄🥴

If you had an hourglass type figure in your younger days, or three children you breastfed, you might relate. The above and below is a common problem and not well thought of in general. Unless plastic surgery is involved most women have the same problem. I won’t name it here, but we all know it. So young women, enjoy what you have while you have it😃.

5 thoughts on “SoCS – Above/Below

  1. I’ve met many women who become increasingly insecure about um — whats mentioned in the picture — and I just want to say to them “you are beautiful regardless”

    I know chances of them believing me are slim. But at-least i’ll rest easy knowing I tried lol

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