One Liner Wednesday- 2-3-21

Time was not being wasted yesterday. 🥰 A lovely example of a person being generous with their time is my grandson and what happened yesterday. He came over with my daughter to look at the tv which is now ready for cremation or burial, and put the dishwasher back in its place so the top rack doesn’t constantly come out.

Apparently the word got around in the fam about my phone troubles. Later in the day he came with an older iPhone and spent till 11pm setting it up for me, transferring everything, mostly by hand because it was an older phone and I had a cheap version of a Samsung. It will take some time to get used to it. The Samsung features I miss are the bottom buttons for going back and delete all. But I can’t complain. Now my iPad and phone are compatible.

Any time with family is never wasted.


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