MLMM Tale Weaver 1-28-21

Of course not everyone was grim. It was mostly the oldsters–those that started the union conventions over fifty years ago and stubbornly refused to accept any changes.

The new enlightened generation thought it was time to accept more variety in lamplighters and put ads in the local newspaper saying so. The ad explained that the Grimsters convention was originally organized by lamplighters who hated their job and started a union of sorts, thus the name, but times have changed. The inclusion of J.J.J.J. had set new standards.

Lamplighting was a timely tradition, often called “lanmiters”. The mispronunciation started in the days of John Jacob Jeremiah Jones who had a slight speech impediment.

It was no wonder, with his strict parents insisting on him saying his full name in front of anyone he met. His stutter remained throughout his lifetime but he was also known for getting every flame burning on the street lamps before dark.

We can all be thankful to J.J.J.J for his faithful service and the beginnings of a new era for lamp lighters.


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