Teenage Boys

Trying to lionize his reputation among the other thirteen year old boys, Joey decided the best way to proceed was to be pedantic with favors. His dad owned the local 7-11 convenience store and Joey cleaned up the trash in late afternoons. While Joey’s dad was busy, Joey would find himself moving around the back room where the cigarettes were stored, among other things the gang liked, such as girlie magazines, and condoms.

Of course none of the boys yet had an occasion to use condoms, but having one in your back pocket made you look cool. Joey’s dad trusted him, letting him use the price label gun and didn’t really notice a few items missing now and then. Joey never realized his step dad was actually a good guy and wanted their relationship to improve. He thought if he showed Joey a level of trust, it would help.

Joey, though, being thirteen, secretly trying out the gang style of life, didn’t even notice his dad’s efforts. He was consumed with his missing dad, as his parents were divorced. The stealing was a vendetta against his mom’s new husband. None of this was his parents’ fault, but Joey was of the age where only his own feelings and misconceptions were a priority.