What day is it anyway?

A better day than yesterday, we can all agree on that! As I’m relaxing after the monumental chore of laundering and remaking my king sized bed, let me just say. . .WHEW, having a snack of grapefruit wedges and contemplating what to choose on my iPad to watch or listen to since my tv bit the dust yesterday, and I started thinking about:

Yup, language. Now living alone I can say anything I want. I often curse out appliances, the s ooter gets the most abuse, and wheelchair and other things. The youngest grandchild I see is 14 and she and the other kids know me a little too well. There may be a few looks, but everyone keeps silent.

The problem is trying the Zoom app. With all far away adults at Christmastime, we decided to try it. My big mouth as one of my older sisters was trying to remember the saying, “happy as pigs in….” so of course I happily finished it, “in shit”, I said. It got looks and then she laughed. She will be 91 in February and still a corker!

So remember, “language!”😎😄



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