MLMM Tale Weaver – Blind Date

He knew she would love it

Bought it with pride

Along with the roses

He kept at his side

Nothing plain for her, he would think

Bubbly pink champagne for her drink

He rang the bell

Stood on the step waiting

All the while anticipating

How the night would end

With her in his arms

And she fascinated by his charms

The door opened and there she stood

Surprised him, thinking he’d been misunderstood

In a ratty bathrobe, bleached hair in curls

He knew this couldn’t be his girl

After meeting online and arranging a date

Realized she had fooled him–what a fate.

Slightly shocked he turned to leave

Champagne and flowers under his sleeve

The old woman called out as he left

My daughter will meet you out on the step

He turned back to see the image he’d seen

On the dating site on his computer screen

She had a laugh and so did her mother

The joke was on him–what a bother

The date was fun. They laughed a lot

This turned out well but your date might not.


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