FFFC#90 – Chaos Coming

If old orange brain loses, the storm continues. Riots, vandalism, shootings, and in reality I am frightened. Not for myself as I am isolated, but for my kids and their kids, here in the US. I have a son and daughter-in-law living in France now, and Covid is surging there.

As a mother and grandmother, I don’t think we as a “civilized” nation will be able to pacify the orange monster who is currently in control. If he loses, the US will be an even crazier place than it is now, at least until January.

I can picture him hiding behind the new wall being built as we speak, with all of his obnoxious flag bearing armed minions lined up around it. A true visible nightmare come true.

The American flag symbol is being misrepresented by these people who wear military garb, never having been qualified to wear the uniform. These people are wooden nickels.





7 thoughts on “FFFC#90 – Chaos Coming

  1. I have never heard the term “wooden nickels” before, I like it.
    If Trump loses the vote, then at least the military will hopefully be under Biden’s control by the time bad things start to happen.
    But I think you’re right – the only way Trump will go quietly is is he lost by a landslide, to sideline what will I think be the inevitable allegations of vote-rigging.
    But that *could* happen!

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    1. I need some scrap of hope. I was just thinking about how much this affects me. After losing a lot of control in my life, it is not even comparable to how I feel with Trump and all the stuff he causes and relishes in.

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