#writephoto – Missing Marnie

Searching the library and hoping Marnie was safe at home, Rupert and George decided the talisman would only be hidden in the extremely old part of the library. The Myths and Legends section was their choice. After flipping through numerous books trying to find even a drawing of the infamous Isinglass, they were exhausted.

Knowing Marnie was home alone, they decided to take a break from their quest and return to check on her. Inside, they found no sign of her except the blinking video game console. While George searched the house, Rupert picked up the video game controller and then screamed for George.

There on the large screen was Marnie, standing atop a hill in the distance. Neither boy could believe their eyes. They recognized the landscape from their game playing. What happened to Marnie? Why was she there? They thought their eyes were playing tricks until the hilltop figure turned. It indeed was Marnie, her likeness anyway, but then she mouthed the word “help”.


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