Chili Update

My chili debacle came to an end last night at eight. After trying google food editor sites’ advice on how to de-spice a soup, I added a bit of sugar, two cans of diluted tomato soup, a potato, and can of corn and when all that didn’t work to lessen the flaming quality, I added a bag of mixed dried beans with veggies. No luck. I finally gave up and put the huge mess in the fridge. I’ll taste again this morning but think I’ll have to throw it out. It was a learning experience but an expensive one.

On a happier note, I have a colonoscopy appointment for the end of this month. See? Life isn’t all bad. . .😫.

And I’ll refrain from saying what goes around comes around in T’s case. . .or not.


8 thoughts on “Chili Update

  1. Poor dear. What can I do to help? Would it reassure you to know I’ve done exactly the same thing, with the same result. All i achieved was ruining all the good food I could have just eaten by itself. Sometimes it is best just to acknowledge defeat from the beginning.

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