What day is it anyway?

Well I’ll tell you, October 1st and I decided to make chili. I thought I had the ingredients but after sauteing hamburger, onions, chili powder, garlic and spices, went to get my diced canned tomatoes which I always have in the cupboard. It read, HOT – HABANERO AND JALAPENO peppers added. Yikes!

I have family that sometimes put away a grocery order and I didn’t see the can of this or would have given it to the spicy food lovers in the fam.

So I added it to the mix along with another can of a substitute made by the KS shopper, kidney beans. I added another can of tomatoes, dilouted beef bullion, and tomato sauce– all hoping to tone down the peppers. It’s simmering now.

If you don’t hear from me again, my mouth and throat have been turned to charcoal.

“Mama Mia, that’s some speecy spicy chili” 🤯🙄😯😤😳😩🥴🤓🥺



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