Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Radio

In bed late at night when sleep refused to ease my pain, or troubles were scattered around my brain, I would toss and turn. As a distraction I would tune to a crazy Texas radio host to listen. He was one that was outside the norm; he or his callers would either make you laugh or give you the creeps. I wish I had access to his broadcasts now, for sleep evades until the sun rises.

The worst talk radio, one my husband often subjected me to – Rush Limbaugh, aka Rude Windbag. I doubt I’d like anyone today.



2 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Radio

  1. We don’t really have it here. Mostly when I listened to a guy as a kid, the caller would just try to swear. THE DJ time-lagged everything by a few seconds so they never got their comments on air. Not very Frasier!

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