MLMM Wordle #204

Expectations were high today as I slipped out my phone from under the twist of bills. It was a shock to open my checkbook and find only two checks there. I know I should have ordered last month, but the cost of even a small body of checks is outrageous. I tapped in the numbers to order online.

After answering and putting in all the info, listening to the metrophobia of the endless choices, I accidentally pushed the hang up button. I think it’s not possible to do a Freudian slip on my phone, but knowing the check fees would be automatically debited from my end of the month account, I might have ended the call subconsciously.

As I crouch down into an “oh my god, I’m going to have to input all that info again” position, I just decided to forego the order completely. I don’t use checks much anymore, so will wait. I am now sitting at lunch–toast, hard boiled eggs, and a peach for dessert.


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