Fandango’s Friday Flashback – 2017

MLMM First Line Friday 8-7-17

Dinah worked whatever job paid the rent, careers were reserved for kids from the suburbs. That didn’t stop her from dreaming.

Every kid knew their future in this neighborhood. Do the job your father, mother, or uncle did, or stay in the family’s small business. Dinah was stuck in her folks’ pizza restaurant. They depended on her. She did everything and anything that was needed, from mopping floors to making sure the books were straight.

It wasn’t a bad life, it just wasn’t her dream. She wanted better for herself, a chance to be better than her parents. As she cleaned out the ovens that night she thought about the story of Cinderella. Such an impossible fairytale, she thought. As if Prince Charming would stop in to order pizza! She laughed thinking of it, and finished cleaning the oven.

She was closing up when a seemingly desperate man knocked on the door. “We’re closed”, she said irritatingly. It was after midnight and she was tired and only wanting her bed right then. The man knocked persistently. “I said we’re closed!” She couldn’t believe he was still knocking rudely.

“Please, just open for me this once. I’m desperate, it’s my sister! Please!” Dinah looked again and saw he really seemed to need help.

“What’s wrong?”

“My sister needs help and my cell died. Can I use your phone?” Dinah decided to let him in long enough to use the restaurant phone. “Oh, thank you! I am so worried about her and need to call for medical help…” He talked to the 911 operator and then left, going back to his car. Apparently his sister had a seizure of some kind. The EMTs came right away and that was the last she heard of either of them.

On her way to work Monday morning, she stopped by for her usual coffee and dragged herself into the restaurant for another work day. As she donned her apron and sat down to drink her coffee, there was a knock on the door. “God, who wants pizza at seven in the morning?” The restaurant hours were prominently displayed on the door. Again irritated, she went to the door. “We’re closed” and pointed to the hours sign.

As she was about to turn around and finish her coffee, she realized she recognized this man. He was holding the biggest bouquet of flowers she’d ever seen. He pointed to the bouquet, saying, “wait, please, these are for you!”

Thus begins the story of Dinah’s dreams coming true.


Fandango’s Friday Flashback — August 7

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