MLMM First Line Friday – 7-31-20

Lush melodies drew her to the door of the lounge, the friendly smiles enticed her inside. She placed her suitcase by the table in a quiet, perfunctory manner. She glanced sideways around the room, hoping to find a similar looking face. Even though racism was not prevalent in this city, she wanted a few minutes of peace before the train.

Jada was approached by a waitress and ordered a bourbon. She hoped it would calm her nerves and allow her to nap on the journey. The music was soothing and if she and Joe had been here together, they would have danced. Thinking this, she leaned back in the chair and let herself drift to better times–times when she and Joe were happy, and in love.

The waitress interrupted these thoughts as she placed the drink and asked if Jada would care for anything else. No thank you, she replied and looked at her watch. Ten minutes till the train was to leave. She sipped the strong liquid that promised to fortify her. Jada’s knee nudged the suitcase that held only necessary items. She was unready for this new life without Joe, but no other choice was available. Without him she would have to return to her former life.


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