What day is it anyway?

Cloudy and cool with our usual afternoon thundershowers where it pours down unmercifully for a short time–at these temps probably will hail and then a nice evening.

All is well since my fruit and veg supply has been filled and my new coffee maker arrived yesterday. It is red! I love red and have always had red in my kitchen, as did my mom.

Speaking of moms, mine died on the 31st of July, 1976 and I miss her today as much as I did on August 1, 1976. I hope her spirit is happy.

On a better note, my daughter and her daughters and I are busy planning her youngest’s birthday on August 12, when the baby of the family turns 14. I can hardly believe it, but am very lucky I have lived close since her birth.

We are going with a mermaid/sea theme for trimmings since her main present will be a monthly boxed book subscription and this book:

Have a fun weekend!



2 thoughts on “What day is it anyway?

    1. Good luck shopping. I would really like to have one of those big fancy ones that makes Starbucks quality drinks, but it’s just a dream😀


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