Sunday Photo Fiction – Bleak


An evening like any other these days, with empty streets and useless red lights since there is no longer traffic to obey them. It was of no particular design to keep these lights working, but it provides a useless steady drain on city power.

No one has idle conversations in street cafes. There is no happy child peeking in shop windows wishing for a Christmas gift. Humanitarian aid workers in stifling outfits attend to the dying, with all hope for patient recovery absent. More homeless people on dirty streets every day, since they have no jobs to sustain their homes.

This could be our future if we continue to put our individual wants above others.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Bleak

  1. The interstate highway near where I live used to be almost empty when the pandemic first appeared and people were staying home. But when I got on the interstate to go to visit my grandson a few days ago, traffic was heavy and slow to move. So much for sheltering in place, I guess.


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