FOWC: Arbitrary

She looked down her nose, with eyes on the hose

“How crude!” she spewed and spouted so rude

Saw the stockings blue net, looked almost wet

Clinging as they were to the lady’s derrière

“My gawd”, she exclaimed as if she was maimed

By the other’s appearance causing much interference

But the net legged lady wasn’t bothered, but ready

With a handy witticism to answer the criticism

“You may think I’m contrary since your clothes never vary

But I like the contemporary. You may think arbitrary

You should try it sometime, and not think it a crime

I dress as I will. . .I like to thrill

And am not willing to fill

Your expectations.”


2 thoughts on “FOWC: Arbitrary

  1. ‘Not willing to fill your expectations’ – we should all be able to be as we please, ‘though not everyone agrees! Good one, Cheryl! 🙂

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