MLMM Tale Weaver – Forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness is a “hard pill to swallow (plural hard pills to swallow) (idiomatic) Something that is difficult to accept.

I like to be right, and some of the time I like to argue if I think I’m right. I look at as a fun thing and I learn more about the issue, myself and the others in the discussion. Lately it’s no fun at all.

About a year ago I displayed actions when I thought I was right, and it was directed at no one in particular, but I ended up apologizing to the person I was with. I won’t go into details because they do not matter. The fact is I was wrong to voice my frustrations and had to admit it. I asked for forgiveness from my companion, and of course I received it, but even now, months later, I think, why did I do it?

Since 2014 when my life changed completely, and I had to accept that was going to be the norm, I have been depressed and sometimes angry because of it. Rarely, thank heavens, such in the case above, it shows its ugly self with my voice. You may think I sound preachy at times, but I only want you to appreciate what you have because it may all be gone tomorrow. Asking for forgiveness won’t kill you but the lack of doing so will definitely hurt you.


2 thoughts on “MLMM Tale Weaver – Forgiveness

  1. Very wise words and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Certainly as we age there changes within ourselves we have to deal with most of which are very challenging.

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  2. There are times when our anxiety and mental stress comes out in a way that it hurts others. And you’re right that asking for forgiveness doesn’t kills us

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