MLMM First Line Friday 6-19-20

Jaime spent the whole day browsing the antique store and left with just one thing. It was only a small item, but he had been searching for it many years.

When his old next door neighbor babysat Jamie, he would serve him tea and cookies. The tea cups were painted with an unusual design–a snake curled around the cup. Jamie was fascinated by the image and would turn the finished cup around and around, thinking it might come alive from the warmth of the tea.

It was a short ride on the bus to his apartment building and he couldn’t wait to make tea and use the special cup. The saucer was not to be found in the antique store but Jamie had others to use. He brewed his favorite Earl Grey and poured it into the cup.

It was only the next day when his mother came to visit that Jamie’s demise was discovered. She walked into his kitchen to find him slumped over the table beside an empty tea cup. The cup and saucer were white, with one red spot for decoration. The red spot resembled a drop of blood.


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