What Day is it Anyway?

Well I did say I’d seen it all but not so. . .frying pans falling from the sky, rampaging goat herds, idiotic armed men shopping with bazookas, the Supreme Court cowering under Trump, and the most shocking of all, NYC deaths declining from over a 1000 a day–now just let that sink in for a minute–1000 people gone in 24 hours to 200 now–a day, a day!

That’s not funny or a bit humorous, it is appalling! The virus has reached inside the Whitehouse and the hateful side of me cannot help but think what goes around comes around. I know, a terrible thing to write, but maybe it can be a wakeup call to the highest office in the land. More people infected every day and he is still ignoring Dr. Fauci’s advice.

What day is it? It’s the day you call your Congress people and demand action, it’s a day to tell the Supreme Court to have some gumption, it’s a day to obey the quarantine rules, that’s what! This is supposed to be a nation of the people, for the people and by the people. We are those people!

Now I’m having my cup of warm soothing coffee, tirade over. . .for now.



4 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway?

  1. Sigh. I’ve sent so many venomous messages to the White House and Justice Department websites that I’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome, but I never get a response. But somewhere in D.C., I’m sure there’s a folder dedicated to me inside the “enemies of the state” filing cabinet. If so, then I’m proud to be represented there. As far as the shame you feel at expressing your schadenfreude towards these subhumans: try not to be ashamed. The fact that every media outlet other than Fox isn’t skewering these monsters thusly every single day is precisely why the dumbest person in the country is still carrying the nominal title of “president”. Nothing is too horrible to befall these fascists, in my humble opinion.

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