Real Neat Blog Award

Tagged by the lovely Cyranny,–I will answer her questions and thank her for the nomination.

I have an award free blog but can’t turn down my good friend C. Besides it’s still being winter in CA so she might need something to fuel a fire!😂

  • I think she would have a good laugh.
  • I want to try hang gliding.
  • Yes, a few. A special shout out to Frank Prem, with:
  • I have only been to Canada, Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands which don’t qualify as foreign.
  • The last real letter I wrote, actually four–sisters and friends.
  • It does make me proud to think people actually read them.
  • The Cove? The author🥰 and her words.
  • Hate/Trump, take your pick.
  • I bought my iPad.
  • I’m an open book here.**

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