MLMM First Line Friday – Mint or Salvia?

Was that a knock? I had been fighting with my WordPress blog post all morning. I decided to take a break and settle back in my overstuffed wingback chair and enjoy a cup of herbal tea. I just sat back, started to relax, stopped thinking whether it was me, the iPad or WP itself. Everything jumped around and then a blank screen. Oh well, the tea worked great! I felt my muscles let go. . .

I must have drifted off, for what sounded like a knock woke me up. The light in the room had disappeared, but there was light coming from the opened door on the other side of the room. I looked around. Was this even my room? My home? I was floating; where was the chair I was sitting in?

My questions went unanswered as I seemed to mindlessly gravitate to the lighted door opening. I started panicking. Then I was pulled towards the door. That was scary!

Another sound brought me back to reality when I dropped my tea cup and it shattered on the wooden floor. It seemed I had returned to my own living room, my own favorite chair. I leaned down to clean the mess of the broken cup, and noticed the tea bag just laying there, and looked closely. I had bought the wrong mint tea!


===the fighting with WP is true🙄🤯

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