Prompts Apropos or The Trump Show

I try to keep one eye on the news and force myself to keep a lid on my emotions, but you know me, that doesn’t last for long🙈🙉🙊, especially when the chief warrior in our fight against this virus is belittled by our ludicrous commander and chief. This is just one of a thousand or more examples from the NYT. I mean, standing there watching himself? Is it just me? Not this time!🤯

8 thoughts on “Prompts Apropos or The Trump Show

  1. Unfit for this job. Anyone who has ever had any class on leadership, or is in a leadership role, and is actually good at it, will tell you humility, consultation, and the trust of those whom one is leading are essential. This numbnuts is incapable of anything remotely resembling a good leader.

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