SoCS 3-21-20

The prompt today is welcome! I say welcome spring! I say it, I ask for it, but nothing really happens as blizzard conditions and 17 degree, feels like -1 temps were bringing in the new season. I have a welcome mat on my door but it’s inside because any mats here are blown away by our (cough) winds. I found that out right after purchasing a heavy expensive beautiful one for my apartment in November 2014.

I do have a taped note on my door welcoming any delivery people to please knock and leave the box! Thank you. I guess that’s sort of a welcome greeting. Having lived here for six years, they know me by now and do just that.

By the way, I found some bars of soap hidden behind a box of trash bags on the bathroom shelf, and since I just purchased some new ones on the 12th, I now have tons of soap. If you need some, call and I’ll leave a bar on the doorstep for you☺️

Stay safe and healthy people!🥰

6 thoughts on “SoCS 3-21-20

  1. It has been freezing overnight here near Woodstock NY lately, which is really good for maple sugaring–the sap doesn’t run if it isn’t freezing at night and warmer during the day.

    I buy tons of stuff when it’s on sale if it keeps well, so we have a lot of soap and toilet paper, chocolate bars and frozen veggie burgers that were on sale last month, and not much fresh food. Oh well–living on chocolate and veggie burgers may not help my health, but it feels very teenagery!

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