For a few years, my son and his wife have been thinking and planning on moving to France to live. His wife is a French and Canadian citizen and her parents live in Paris. The entire planning has been difficult, with many restrictions, and the red tape is endless. Some of this tape started when they first met, fell in love and wanted to marry while she was still living in Canada. After three years of government interference and unending visits, and paperwork, she was permitted to marry my son in the US and became a US citizen also.

The culmination of their decision to move from Denver, Colorado to France was from the deterioration of life in the ever growing city, the state of our current government and the need for a different environment. The long anticipated plan was flying out of the US to France on April 10. On Monday this became a huge predicament. The flight was cancelled. Their plans and reservations were made in advance and apartment and jobs and belongings all done.

Then suddenly they received the cancellation call and chaos resulted. They had to have different travel arrangements, only able to leave the very next day, Tuesday. Everything was up in the air not knowing if or when it would actually happen. Yesterday morning they were at the Denver airport on the way to fly to Montreal, CA but unsure of the rest.

I was relieved as of 2:49 this morning (Wednesday) to hear they have safely landed in Paris, customs was very quick and finally we can all take that deep breath.

The virus has taken a back seat in my thoughts the last few days. Hope you are all well.


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