Birthday Lunch

We had lunch at Panera with my daughter and three of her kids, for the 17 and 22 year olds’ birthdays. As usual there was laughing, singing, dancing, yes dancing in the parking lot and then a quick trip to Target for two items.

I was in the wheelchair and the 17 year old thought it was funny as I was looking at headbands. His 22 year old accomplice suggested I try one on and she’d take a pic to show me. As I was attempting to adjust it, gales of laughter from the boy. Then a joke and I tried to chase him in the chair, saying, I’m going to kick you in the shins. Of course I was kidding, I’m not really capable of that, but a young mother grabbed her toddler and turned into another aisle.

I don’t blame her, but that even caused us to get more silly and laughter ensued. Some people have no sense of humor🙄😱😳😀. It’s no fun just acting normal, being polite, and life is short. Enjoy while you can.

By the way, as the 22 and 13 year old were dancing in the parking lot as all was being loaded into the car, Thor walked by laughing. Everyone back in the car and my daughter said, did you see that was Thor? Apparently he is the oral surgeon who removed the 22 year old’s wisdom teeth. He is a riot and does resemble Chris Hemsworth.

So live it up, people and never let a day go by without laughing!❤️


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