Do you ever get sentimental about objects? In this case it is a car, a 1994 Toyota Camry. It was named Freckle by the third driver, my granddaughter Saeda, because the paint on the hood was so damaged.

It has been a well used vehicle, travelling from TX to CO to AZ to CA, and all inbetween. It was my husband’s car for work and when he passed away in 2013, I gave the car to my oldest grandson. After he was older and bought a truck, it was passed to his sister, then a younger brother, then another sister.

Only a month old, it survived a crash on a Dallas street, in pouring night rain where we were rear ended by a pickup that left the scene immediately. It’s been through the mill with us.

When my grandson drove it here in Cheyenne, I hadn’t seen it in many months. We parked behind it as we were all meeting at the same place. I said, is that Dad’s car? And then started crying. Amazing how a thing can trigger such emotions.