FFftPP 2-19-20

The meeting place of James and Catherine, well away from the crowd, with its moss covered rocks and refreshing waterfalls, is a reminder of a long ago love. They met here as children, with their families for a community picnic. Everyone was eating, drinking, or jumping in the water having a good time.

It was only in their teenage years that James and Catherine met here again, quite unexpectedly. Cathy came here often to sit and write imagined happenings in her diary. She often made up the entries for her life was quite uneventful. This one afternoon, she was shocked to see on the opposite bank, a boy remove his clothes and take a swim near the falls. Cathy retreated behind a tree but couldn’t take her eyes off the young man, James.

Being a small high school, they eventually saw each other and James asked Cathy for a date. She blushingly agreed and they have rarely been separated since. After a while they both acknowledged the day at the falls and returned here in later years with their own children.


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