The Monday Peeve

If you are under sixty, just delete. Otherwise, you might be able to relate. What is up with the new seals on every bottle and package these days? This morning I tried opening a bottle of dishwashing liquid and found a foil seal inside. Really? It’s not like I’m going to guzzle dishwashing liquid! A one inch round seal with a minuscule tab to remove. After fighting it with morning arthritic fingers, I finally grabbed a plastic round grabber type thing, (I know, but I’ll post a pic of it and you can try to describe it) and after about five or six tries I could get it removed.

I also have this problem with any bottled item, such as liquid coffee creamer. After using the above device/helper to unscrew the cap, there’s the wily foil protector seal. When did we become so cautious that we end up discriminating against people with hands or fingers that don’t work well? And luckily I don’t use pill bottles, but it would actually take a three year old to adjust the arrows so you can pop off the lid.

Finally, recloseable bags. If you have the dexterity to find your way to open the first seal or the strength to rip open at the “Open Here” edge, ( be honest, do they actually work without resorting to scissors?) then trying to pry apart the (zippered) part requires a Herculean effort. I found the plastic helpers, using one on each side, also helps open them. Then of course the reseal that should be easy, but how many times do you go over it before it is really closed?


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  1. A girlfriend years ago lived in our goldfields, a long way away, and she and arrived in town late, and needed to go to the all night shop for milk. She said to me, always make sure you check the seal, the owner is known to drink from the bottle, skimming. Later I learned that he skimmed the cleaning liquids too. 🙂

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  2. I’m not 40 yet and have the same problem! Jars and bottles are a pain in the bum to open! And those little foil seals on everything 🙄 my toothpaste is currently being squeezed through a hole I ended up making with the scissors as the foil tab might as well have been superglued into position! Xxx

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