JuJoJan 28 – Eye of the Needle

I enjoy this prompt because it’s sort of free, you can do what you want, no rules. I love the no rules option! Anything to keep you upbeat on this interminably long month. As I look into my bank statement, being paid the second Wednesday of the month, yikes! It is loooonnngggg!

I see television is the prompt and thought immediately, I’m going to offend someone with my take, but hey, nothing new. . .warning–delete now!

My mother was a very religious person. It’s only since she passed that I engage in gutter talk or humor, but I was restricted as a child, at least that’s part of my excuse. The other is hanging out and working with ordinary people and teenagers. I digress. She didn’t drive, rarely went to church because my dad wouldn’t go. Her philosophy which I believe also, is you can talk to any “supreme spirit?” anywhere, anytime, if that’s your choice.

She watched Kenneth Copeland on TV and sent money to him. I’m not saying he wasn’t a charismatic preacher to her, but as in my Temple post about building fancy religious structures from the alms given by people who go home to poverty and hunger, I just think it’s exploitative and disturbing.

Have you seen how much money, tax write offs, property, homes, wardrobes, etc of these so called ministers of faith? It’s a pet peeve of mine. Televangelists? We don’t need them but their television channel exposure keeps increasing, as do their coffers.

I haven’t been struck down by lightning yet.


4 thoughts on “JuJoJan 28 – Eye of the Needle

  1. Very good, and I agree. I don’t deny that some of these televised religious programs may have enlightened some with the ‘word’, but to basically beg for more money that only benefits those ‘preachers’ is just wrong. πŸ™‚

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